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Performance and Functionality – The Plug Perfect product improves upon the clear imperfections in baby-proofing wall outlets. By the numbers, it is obvious that the majority of injuries of children at home occur from playing with electrical cords and wall outlets. Our product focuses on a solution for both concerns, and raises the bar above all other products. Plug Perfect protects and shields an outlet that is not in use, but it also locks a plug into an outlet that is being used; helping to prevent a child from playing with the plug and electricity.

“Have you ever seen or feared a child playing with an electrical cord plugged into an outlet, I have and many others have as well,” stated Draper. “Plug Perfect’s patented design allows it to function like no other product on the market. It will completely secure a wall outlet so Parents can rest easy. For the first time ever, Parents have a smart and easy to install solution that will protect their children from playing with wall outlets, plugs and electricity”

Protection – The Plug Perfect product was created for consumers looking for a more complete solution to protecting their children at home. It is uniquely designed to be low profile, sturdy, and to address the limitations with the current solutions on the market. Plug Perfect will blend into any home, almost becoming invisible to the eye. The installation is simple, and the protection is exemplary. The “retainer clips” lock a standard plug into place, and the “blank clips” block an unused outlet, all in one smart design.

Pricing & Availability – The Plug Perfect product will be officially launched at the Atlanta Baby Expo on April 16, 2016. Consumers can make initial purchases of the product through the Plug Perfect Kickstarter campaign that will also begin on April 16th.

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