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Perfectly protecting your child

Plug Perfect


Plug Perfect is a new solution from Bulwark Products that offers top-of-the-line protection to provide you with peace of mind. Our device is a revolutionary baby-proofing system designed to prevent your child from tampering with electrical outlets, eliminating the chance of painful burns and electrical shock.

The Plug Perfect product improves upon the clear imperfections in baby-proofing wall outlets. By the numbers, it is obvious that the majority of injuries of children at home occur from playing with electrical cords and wall outlets. Our product focuses on a solution for both concerns, and raises the bar above all other products. Plug Perfect protects and shields an outlet that is not in use, but it also locks a plug into an outlet that is being used; helping to prevent a child from playing with the plug and electricity.

Plug Perfect’s patented design allows it to function like no other product on the market. It will completely secure a wall outlet so Parents can rest easy. For the first time ever, Parents have a smart and easy to install solution that will protect their children from playing with wall outlets, plugs and electricity.

The Plug Perfect product was created for consumers looking for a more complete solution to protecting their children at home. It is uniquely designed to be low profile, sturdy, and to address the limitations with the current solutions on the market. Plug Perfect will blend into any home, almost becoming invisible to the eye. The installation is simple, and the protection is exemplary. The “retainer clips” lock a standard plug into place, and the “blank clips” block an unused outlet, all in one smart design.

What You Get

So what actually comes with the Plug Perfect?

That would be a wall plate, retainer clips, and blank clips.

The wall plate will fit either standard plug outlets, or a modular outlet design and screws directly on top of your existing outlet cover. All you need to install it is a screwdriver.

The retainer clips are used to lock a plug into place so your baby can’t pull the cord out. They simply clip on top of the plug to keep it secured in the outlet. 

The blank clips cover unused outlets so your baby can’t stick their fingers or other objects into the outlet. Your baby won’t be able to pry it off. 

Get the Plug Perfect Now Before It’s Too Late

You might think that an electrical accident can’t happen to your child.

It’s something that only happens to other people, right?

Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case.

Over 24,000 children suffered an injury from an electrical receptacle between 1991 and 2001 – a total of seven kids a day. Every day you put off getting proper electrical outlet protection is a day that your child is at risk.  What are you waiting for? Order the Plug Perfect system today.

Know the Stats

Between 1991 and 2001, around seven children a day went to the emergency room for injuries related to electrical receptacles. Don’t let your child become one of these or other statistics:

  • 32 percent of injuries result from sticking a hairpin in an outlet
  • Many children suffer first or second degree burns from the incident
  • 50 percent of children are 2-3 years old
  • Both you and your children will suffer emotional trauma from the incident

Your home should be a safe haven for your child, not a danger zone. Keep your child protected from danger with the help of Plug Perfect.

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