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Plug Perfect

Perfectly protecting your child

Looking for a way to protect your baby from getting hurt by your home’s electrical outlets?

Secured Plug


Imagine this: your child is happily playing in the living room when the phone  rings. You take your attention from your baby for just a few minutes while you chat with the caller.

When you return, it’s your worst nightmare: your child is lying there, unresponsive, after suffering a shock from the electrical outlet. If this sounds like a rare scenario, think again. In the last decade, over 24,000 children under age 10 went to the emergency room for an accident involving an electrical receptacle. That’s seven children a day.

Protect your child with the help of an outlet safety device like Plug Perfect. Plug Perfect is a fail-safe device that completely secures dangerous outlets from prying fingers.

Simply screw on the Plug Perfect over your existing outlet plate and snap on the clips. Your child won’t be able to stick their fingers in the outlet or pull cords out of the wall, preventing the risk of first and second-degree burns. Plus, the slim profile allows Plug Perfect to fit any area unnoticeably. Try the Plug Perfect today to get the peace of mind you deserve

Benefits of the Perfect Plug

Easy Installation

With Plug Perfect, there’s no complicated setup. All you have to do is screw the Plug Perfect system on top of your existing outlet plate and then snap the blank clips into place. They easily lock into all standard plugs, covering up the holes so your inquisitive child can’t explore them.

Want to plug something in? That’s easy too. Just remove the blank clip, plug in your device, and lock on the retainer clip, which locks the cord into the outlet so it can’t be pulled out.

Dual Protection

Many outlet protection products focus either on electrical cords or wall outlets. Plug Perfect is the first system to focus on both, providing comprehensive protection from danger.

Streamlined Design

So many outlet protection alternatives are clunky and look out of place in your room. Perfect Plug’s low profile means it blends seamlessly with any décor. Both your child and visitors won’t even realize you have the system installed.

Peace of Mind

The Plug Perfect completely eradicates stress when it comes to your baby getting hurt. No longer will you fret about leaving your child unattended in a room with electrical outlets.

Plug Installation



The Plug Perfect product was created for consumers looking for a more complete solution to protecting their children at home. It is uniquely designed to be low profile, sturdy, and to address the limitations with the current solutions on the market. Plug Perfect will blend into any home, almost becoming invisible to the eye. The installation is simple, and the protection is exemplary. The “retainer clips” lock a standard plug into place, and the “blank clips” block an unused outlet, all in one smart design.

Purchase the Plug Perfect

Considering the Plug Perfect for your home? Then you’ve made it to the right place. Take advantage of the Plug Perfect today to prevent your child from serious injury or death.

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