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Stacking Up the Competition

So what sets Plug Perfect apart from the competition?
Let’s take a look at two common alternatives – plastic caps and plastic outlet covers.

Plastic Caps vs. Plug Perfect

While plastic caps work great to cover outlets, curious fingers can easily remove them. Plug Perfect is baby-proof, meaning even the most determined toddlers can’t pry it off.

Outlet Covers vs. Plug Perfect

Plastic outlet covers are also a good idea, but they don’t provide a way to secure cords if you need to plug something in.

Your child could easily unplug the cord, exposing the outlet and thus exposing themselves to injury. Plug Perfect has a secure design that locks in cords, keeping your child safe no matter what. 

Purchase the Plug Perfect

Considering the Plug Perfect for your home? Then you’ve made it to the right place.

Take advantage of the Plug Perfect today to prevent your child from serious injury or death.

Reasons to Buy the Plug Perfect

Not quite convinced that the Plug Perfect is right for you?

Here are just a few reasons why it’s absolutely worth the investment:

ac socket near the table

Dual protection for your outlets, including used and unused plugs.

ac outlet

Choose the package that best fits your home – you can select Standard/Modular package, All Standard package or an All Modular package.

plug safety

Streamlined appearance minimizes disruptions to your room’s décor.

ac outlet near the dog

Fits all standard sized outlets for premium protection.

ac socket on the wall

Easy installation that utilizes the same screw as your existing face plate.

plug protection

Kids can’t remove the clips, unlike plastic outlet caps.

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